Oil WD40 bikeline wet lube

Oil WD40 bikeline wet lube


Oil WD40 bikeline wet lube WD-40 recommends this Bike All Conditions Lube 'for chains, derailleurs, pivot points, cables and shifters'. In other words, everything on your bike that moves against something else. Ignoring the last four, because it's impossible to measure its performance against any other spray aerosol product, I've focused on the chain. Here, it's moderately effective, but really no different to other spray lubricants, and works out quite expensive because you have to keep applying.

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David Carroll is a cycling enthusiast who just couldn’t resist indulging his passion of bikes.  He acquired the Giant franchise for East Africa late 2018, which was the start of The Bike Shop. 

He now imports key brands from around the world and offers an end-to-end solution for all types of cyclists: 

  • If you are just starting out, the team at The Bike shop can size you and offer you the most relevant bike and safety equipment

  • If you are already committed, he offers accessories, parts and servicing

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you want to ride; The Bike Shop has solutions for you, On-Road, Off-road or X-Road, Kids and Ladies specific bikes


David tries to find the right solutions for similar minded people in the region, he supports all the events he can and understands how difficult it was to find products for real enthusiasts

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