1. Hello Simon, we don’t have a shop but we sell our items through the web shop. If you would like to buy a bicycle and would to test it first than you can make an appointment with us.

      1. Hello Kim, I am interested in accessories. Seen a number that I am keen to acquire. Some of which are out of stock like the computers. Any idea when you may have them?

        1. Hi Simon, we do our best to keep our stock up to date. As all out items are shipped in from Europe it can take a while for new items to arrive. Please keep checking!!

          1. Hi Kim, nice meeting you over the weekend. Thank you for the information. I have one more question for you. Can I make a request for you to stock an item? Currently looking for a pair of road tires. Th tires I need replacing are Giant branded… 🙂

    1. Hi, we have different items in our web shop that can help you to prevent having punctures; tubeless kits, (super)sealants, rim tape, Schwalbe Green Guard tires. Please have a look and if you have any questions email sales@bikeshop.co.ke

  1. Are you still trading. Do you have a shop? Or can I order online and collect because I live in Nanyuki?

    1. Hello Maina, yes we do sell headlamps, Petzl headlamps are available from our web shop in Tikka R+ in coral at 8500Ksh and Tikka RXP in coral or black at 12000ksh.
      Kind regards, Kim

    1. Hello, We don’t sell bike carriers/racks at the moment but are expecting to sell them very soon…..please keep checking our web shop.
      Thank you!! Kind regards, Kim

  2. Hello

    I am trying to get info on mountain biking routes in and around Nanyuki. Can you advise me on where to get this info?

    1. Hello Kevin, thank you for your message. I believe there are a lot of nice routes in and around Nanyuki. Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Rift Valley Adventure) and Mount Kenya Safari Cub both organise mountain bike safari’s. There’s also a forest/woods near Mount kenya Safari Club. There’s a Facebook group; Kenya Cycling, maybe they are able to provide info on routes. I’m sure it’s easy enough to find a route by just exploring, think that’s what most of us do. Good luck and DON’T get lost. Kind regards, Kim

  3. Hey,
    I want to get my 7yr old son a bike MTB he is a tall boy looks like a 10yr old. Please let me know if GIANT Revel JR Lite 24 Boys is available

  4. Hello
    Do you have the GIANT Cyclotron Mag Trainer in stock? If so, does it come with the plate/stand for the front tyre?

    1. Hello George, The GIANT Cyclotron Mag Trainer does NOT come with a riser block for the front wheel. You have also received an email from us. Kind regards, Kim

  5. hi,
    am interested with this bike
    Defy Advanced Pro 0 2017, i didn’t see it on your website but its available on giant international. Kindly confirm if i can make an order and what the approximate cost bought and shipped to Nairobi.

    1. Hello Justin, thank you for your inquiry. Currently we are not shipping any new GIANT stock in, unfortunately we are unable to help you placing an order for the GIANT Defy Advanced Pro. Kind regards, Kim

  6. Hello, Iam interested to buy the Giant Revel 3 , but want to see it 1st and test it , what do I need to do ?

    1. Hello Martin,
      Thank you for your inquiry, unfortunately we do not have any adult bikes available.
      Kind regards, Kim

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